There are places easy to know, places where women and men arrive from all over the world,

places where art, science, astrology, dance and cooking have their own space, living side by side, intermingling, growing and becoming part of ourselves.

A place with no boundaries, more than that a gateway, a passage with no secrets, open to everyone wishing to cross it and bringing with himself his head, his heart, his own books, brushes, clay, flour, friends and music. Dynamic Space of the Elements is a place where all this has been happening since long, a site where you can be here and in the East at the same time. Dynamic Space of the Elements is a borderless network devised to develop  talents, culture, tourism, diversity, environment care.

Dynamic Space of the Elements is where you can listen, create, join together. Here you can be yourself in thousands of ways you have never known before.

Dynamism in itself is nothing without knowledge, respect and cohesion.

Dynamic Space of the Elements was born to comply with the wish of the Master Namkhai Norbu who perceived in the project a seed for the future, the place where to grow and develop new skills, a direct immediate passage where the Dzogchen Community has the opportunity to manifest, to meet to grow and create.

Dynamic Space of the Elements provides another way to produce, improve and invent, a way, a world feeding on ancient teachings but already projected in the future. A place where everybody can fulfil his own dream.

Dynamic Space of the Elements. Everything is already possible, just let us meet!

Dynamic Space of the Elements E.T.S
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phone: +39 0564 164 0822
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