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Course on Sa-Chad

With Migmar Tsering

Beginners course on Tibetan geomancy. 

Sache (sa dpyad) is a field of Tibetan astrology in which the appearance and position of the earth is analyzed.

We know that everything that surrounds us is formed of the nature of the five elements and in this discipline the earth is considered to be the most powerful element. The environment in which we live can affect our lives. If, for example, we live in an area that is negative for us, sooner or later we will be attacked by illness, by misfortune, and by the brevity of life. On the contrary, if we find ourselves in a favourable position, we will be surrounded by prosperity, wealth, happiness, long life and good offspring.

For this reason, in ancient times, the Tibetans used the study of the Sa-chad to identify the best place to build the palaces of kings, houses, monasteries, retreat houses, even to identify the suitable location for cemeteries.

Sa-chad is a very ancient science that developed at the same time as astrology. Its place of origin has not been ascertained and there are many versions about it. There are traces and traditions from India, Tibet, China and the ancient kingdom of Shang-Shung. As for the geomancy that developed in Tibet, thanks to the discovery of ancient texts explaining the position and the way in which the king’s palace was to be built, we know with certainty that its birth coincides with the historical period of birth of the Shang Shung kingdom.

Planned timetable
The course will last 3 days. We start every day at 10.00am – 12.30pm and from 3.00pm – 5.30pm.

Migmar Tsering
Migmar was born and grew up in Lhasa. Since 1987 he has been studying with the Master Chönyi Rinpoche in his monastery for more than six years, where he learned traditional Tibetan art, astrology and sa-che (Tibetan geomancy).

Migmar has participated in decoration of the main Tibetan temples such as Samye and Jokhang. Having moved to Italy 20 years ago, Migmar continued developing the various aspects of traditional Tibetan art and related sciences.


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