The mandalas of elements

Since the very beginning there have been two methods to communicate and develop knowledge:sound and words on one side and images and drawing on the other. This applies to both practical and symbolic aspects. Drawing the five elements through symbols is a method principally aiming at harmonising the elements related to one’s birth which might be unbalanced and at the same time helping the mind to relax by focusing creation of an ornamental artistic piece of great value.

Why is it necessary to harmonise the elements related to one’s birth? Everything, outside and inside, is made up of the five elements: the inside refers to single sentient beings, the outside is what appears and manifests (in the outer dimension). When these (outer and inner) elements are well balanced, everything goes well, but if they are not harmonious, life gets shorter and capacity health and fortune decline. But luckily harmony can be restored. Making drawings under the directions of a qualified instructor helps to relax the mind. In fact the instructor teaches to draw in a relaxed way overcoming anxiety and compulsive thoughts according to the characteristics of each student.

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