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Dynamic Space Of Elements

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The Potential of the Elements

by Migmar Tsering September 3rd to 5th,2021, Yeselling In the ancient Tibetan culture everything that makes up our world is born and dissolves into the elements. According to tradition everything begins with sound, light and rays. When it comes to light, this is considered to be the essence of the elements: When the potential of …

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“Dynamic Space of Elements: paint your nature, increase your benefits”

Astrology and art workshop with Migmar Tsering This workshop is based on the astrology of Jung-we-Kyil-khor, the mandala of the elements. The purpose of this mandala is to harmonize the elements of our life, capacity, fortune, and protection. As the essential base of the elements is symbolized by colors, our elements can be modified and harmonized through colors, mantras and through …

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